FROSTY – Frosty was born on the coldest night of 2015 and sustained frosbite to her foot.  After careful surgery she lives a content life as part of the sanctuary with her best friend, Crabcakes.  

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Donating is more than just time or money, it's the feeling you get giving back to wonderful hardy beings like the ones in our sanctuary.

Attend one of our many fundraisers to benefit the sanctuary or stop by and purchase some cheese to help defray our animal care costs.  Our cheese shop is open daily from 10 - 4.

Donald – Donald is our original rescue duck.  He was abandoned by his owners when they left their home abandoned and then his lifetime companion was hit by a car.  Concerned neighbors called us and we found him some duck friends to heal his broken heart.


Our shelter is home to over 100 farm animals who have either retired from productive life, have special needs or came to our sanctuary needing somewhere to find a place to rest.  We have retired and special needs goats and sheep, cats and kittens galore, retired working dogs, ducks, chickens, llamas and turkeys and pigeons.  Over the years we have cared for cows, donkeys, peacocks and assorted other sanctuary animals.  For the last 12 years the Kemp Sanctuary at Nettle Meadow has been providing shelter, food, love, and medical attention to a wide range of farm animals with the proceeds from Nettle Meadow's cheese sales, but the sanctuary has grown and every year there are more and more animals to care for.  That's why we need your help in contributing to these wonderful animals today! 



TINKERBELL– Tinkerbell is a lovely mini horse that came to us with her daughter Wendy when her owner was having trouble caring for them.  They live a happy life with other mini horses and nigerian dwarf goats.

We offer tours of the whole farm every Saturday at noon.  The tour is free and you will have an opportunity to meet the sanctuary animals, the working animals, and try some of our cheese.  Its a wonderful opportunity to pick out the animal you would like to sponsor!