We Really Need Your Help!

It costs a lot of money to care for every animal and help them live in dignity. Every animal costs a lot to feed and more in time to care for them.  Each animal is different but costs vary from $100/yr to care for the smallest chicken to $2500/yr to care for the neediest horse.  We accept any size donation from the biggest to the smallest or you can choose to sponsor an animal in your name or the name of a friend or family member for a year. 

Donate any amount with our deepest gratitude or pick one of our sponsorship packages:

For a $100 donation we will send you a certificate with the name of your animal that you are sponsoring for this year along with their picture and everything we know about them, their history and their personality.

For a $300 donation we will send you a  sponsorship certificate and a basket of our award winning cheeese as a thank you.

For a $500 donation you receive all of the above and a night's stay at the cabin on the farm to meet all the animals and spend time with our sanctuary animals or a 10% discount card for any cheese bought at our store for a year.

Other Ways You Can Help!

While we appreciate every dollar, there are other things you can do to help.  Here are just some of the things that our creatures can really use to keep them comfortable:

Old Towels

Old blankets


Old farm tools in good working order

Nails & Screws


Old Vehicles

Hay - our animals always need hay - especially this year as the drought has meant much less nutritional value in every bale of hay

Contact us for more ideas!